DynaPel's Innovative Video Analytics Improve Video Surveillance Systems

San Diego, CA (September 25, 2006) – DynaPel Systems, Inc., a leading developer of video surveillance software and camera systems, continues to expand both their innovative line of video enhancement solutions and its dealer network and support.

This year at ASIS, DynaPel will be showing the CloseView Video Tracking & Detection System, SteadyEye Digital Real Time Video Stabilizer, and NightView Digital Real Time Video Enhancement System along with the EyeMax 360° PTZ System. All image enhancement solutions are available in stand alone configurations for easy deployment in virtually any existing or future video surveillance system. Additionally, DynaPel is displaying a comprehensive line of cameras and housings to complement their core line of video analytic solutions.

“We are continuing to expand our product portfolio with new software and hardware based solutions that provide system installers and designers, as well as end-users, with performance and value,” said Jeffery Vollmar, Vice President of DynaPel. “DynaPel’s suite of video analytic devices provides unique capabilities for real-time monitoring and even post-recording playback. There are no other video surveillance systems or software available that provide this level of performance.”

DynaPel’s CloseView Video Tracking & Detection System offers the only proven means of simultaneously tracking multiple objects with one PTZ system. It is the only object tracking solution that lets you “track everything”.

The SteadyEye Digital Real Time Video Stabilizer is the only stabilization solution that corrects every axis of motion both in real time and on recorded images. It is the only video real-time and post-recording stabilizer that allows your cameras to “go steady”.

The NightView Digital Real Time Video Enhancement System offers the most efficient way to overcome camera night-blindness. It is the only image enhancement system that lets you “lighten up” your images, both in real-time and post-recording.

And EyeMax is a self contained PTZ with up to four adjustable reference cameras providing up to a 360° field of view. Wind, rain and bird-proof for exterior or interior applications, EyeMax works in conjunction with CloseView 4.0 to track multiple moving objects.

All four products integrate seamlessly with existing analog video surveillance systems for minimal upgrade investment.

DynaPel’s intelligent solutions allow us to easily enhance the performance of our customers’ video surveillance systems without the need for tear-downs or camera system replacements for improved performance," said Vollmar. "It's all part of our commitment to providing our customers with the latest innovations in technology."

“DynaPel offers video surveillance systems designers and a broad base of users a unique means of improving video surveillance performance and coverage capabilities by exponential proportions,” said Mr. Vollmar. “Our camera enhancement solutions deliver the proven ability to improve the performance and cost-efficiency of virtually any manufacturer’s PTZ or camera system. At the same time, DynaPel has reaffirmed their commitment to providing myriad camera solutions, along with exciting and innovative products like EyeMax.”

Another exciting development for DynaPel is the launch of their Certified Dealer Program. After only eight months, there are already over 75 dealers signed up at 180 locations across the US. ”DynaPel is committed to providing solutions to everyday challenges faced by our dealer network," said Vollmar. “We see this program very much as a partnership or alliance. By providing our dealers with limited competition, unparalleled technology and industry-innovative marketing programs, we will be able to grow within many vertical markets, and provide qualified leads, bids, and system sales for our Certified Dealers."

For more information on DynaPel’s product line, please visit the website at www.dynapel.com.

About DynaPel: DynaPel is a leading developer and manufacturer of video security and surveillance products. DynaPel is a US company that is publicly traded on the Oslo Bors Stock Exchange (OBSE) under the ticker “DYNA.” The company was founded in 1992 and recently relocated its headquarters to Memphis, Tennessee. DynaPel has their R&D, design, engineering and development facilities in Munich, Germany, and sales offices in Memphis, TN., New York, N.Y., Chicago, IL., Dallas, TX., Las Vegas, NV, Munich, Germany, Bergen, Norway, and Oslo, Norway. DynaPel products are marketed through a network of Certified Dealers, and OEMs.