Dortronics Unlocks Capabilities with New Universal Electronic Time Delay

San Diego, CA (September 25, 2006) -- Dortronics is expanding its product line of devices featuring time delay functions with the introduction at ASIS of the new compact Timer with fixed or adjustable time delay products.

“Our Timer lineup offers installers a wide range of choices to meet the varying requirements of their customers,” said John FitzPatrick, Vice President, Dortronics Systems, Inc. “The small footprint of the AT and FT Timers is ideal for supporting those applications where space is tight or for when the Timer is added at a later date.”

Designed with ease of installation in mind, the Timers feature flying leads, dual voltage capability and built-in spike protection, as well as DPDT – 3 Amp contact outputs. The AT Timer is field adjustable from one to 60 seconds and the FT Timer is factory set at 30 seconds to comply with NFPA and BOCA requirements.

Each of the Timers can be triggered from a momentary normally open dry contact or by switching the trigger input to the power source ground. The relay is energized, changing the output, upon closure of the trigger input. The time delay period is started upon release of the trigger input which keeps the output relay energized for the desired time period. The time delay will be restarted or extended if the trigger input is recycled before expiration of the delay.

Typical applications include delayed re-locking control for electric locking hardware. Other uses include as an alarm shunt or to mirror single outputs for multiple control systems.

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