American Fibertek Demonstrates Innovative V’nes Network Solution

The Security Industry’s Only Integrated And Standardized Network Transmission Solution

San Diego, CA (September 25, 2006) – American Fibertek, Inc. (AFI) is demonstrating an innovative network transmission system called V’nes (Video Network Enterprise Solution) here at ASIS 2006. V’nes is the first and only integrated and standardized network transmission solution designed specifically for the security marketplace with a unique open path to truly integrate IP and analog systems operation. For optimum versatility, V’nes’ open path allows the integration of any manufacturer's individual products and/or combination of V’nes series components and software.

“V’nes delivers unsurpassed versatility relative to both its networking capabilities and the means by which it can be configured and implemented. It provides systems designers and users alike with a cost-efficient and highly effective networking solution to achieve enterprise level systems integration,” said Jack Fernandes, President and CEO of AFI.

V’nes is comprised of several product series designed to accommodate the increased network bandwidth and traffic required for comprehensive security systems operation on an IP platform. Additionally, V’nes addresses the different set-up and operational needs of both Security and IT Directors to provide easy system integration and balance between personnel responsible for security applications and the IP transmission backbone.

V’nes delivers extensive networking features and functionality with an open path allowing integration of IP products from other manufacturers’ products (servers, video devices, access control, software…) with any combination of V’nes components and software, including:

• Commander Series Switchers are fully managed 10 and 26 port network switches designed to provide IT Directors with complete control over network interfaces, and Security Directors with the ability to route video signals and data to network and broadband servers in a manner similar to setting up a matrix switching system. Commander Series Switchers also offer: on-board environmental sensing and alarm notification of status and impending failures with complete logs; a built-in web server that does not require any external software and remote access using conventional browsers.

• Scout Series Environmental Monitoring Systems provide unprecedented remote monitoring of environmental conditions with notification of impending failures – applicable to any and all IP based systems components. Features include: up to 10 individual user defined temperatures, airflow and humidity sensor readings; 10 hard contact alarms and Aux inputs; logs with up to 5000 entries for historical review; built-in web server and remote access via standard web browsers; ability to manage multiple units with AFI Pilot Management System; ability to interface with any IP based system for comprehensive environmental monitoring.

• Maxi-View Series Video Streamers provide high performance video streaming with programmable bandwidth to accommodate virtually any network bandwidth requirements. Single and multiple channel solutions available with optional audio and PTZ control.

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