Pixim Orca Chipset Chosen for Ioimage's Entry into Surveillance

Mountain View, Calif.-Sept 19, 2006....Pixim Incorporated's Orca Chipset, known for delivering wide dynamic range, excellent color rendition and image quality, in any lighting conditions 24/7, is integrated into ioimage's first intelligent IP video camera offering, the new ioicam wdc100dn.

Pixim's Orca Chipset, the only all digital image capture solution, is a pivotal technology component that advances intelligent video capabilities, increases full field-of-view detection in extreme lighting, and provides a highly-usable security image allowing ioimage to debut an all-in-one high-grade surveillance solution that is easy to deploy, integrate, operate, and maintain.

"After an exhaustive survey of the security marketplace for a best-fit solution, we determined that Pixim's Orca Chipset can deliver the cutting edge performance our systems require" remarks Roni Kass, ioimage's CEO and founder. "Pixim's Orca Chipset delivers the highest quality image data available to allow our intelligent algorithms to run better and be more effective in identifying threats."

The hallmark of Pixim chipsets is their patented Digital Pixel System® (DPS) technology that converts light to a digital signal directly at the point of capture in the image sensor, enabling each pixel to have independent, optimized exposure times to deliver the highest image quality.

The ioicam wdc100dn takes full advantage of Pixim's Orca Chipset delivering DSP-based video analysis applications for automated detection and tracking of intruders, unattended baggage, vehicles, removed items and more. Designed for simplicity, all applications can be set up and operated within minutes via a web interface. The camera performs the complete analysis process independent of any external resource.

In addition to delivering excellent low light performance with a minimum illumination of under 0.1 lux in black and white mode, Pixim chipsets combine impressive and powerful features that include natural color rendition during daytime, wide dynamic range (120dB max), a progressive scan imager with global shutter that minimizes motion artifacts and reduces compressed video bit rates, and high Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) even at high temperature.

"Pixim's Orca Chipset is ideal for video analytics data collection. More than two thirds of video surveillance cameras operate in uncontrolled lighting conditions, making wide dynamic range a key attribute for more effective video analysis." comments John Monti, Pixim's Vice-President of Marketing and Sales. "For instance, with Pixim's wide dynamic range capabilities, ioimage's appliances can accurately detect intruders from cameras looking into direct sun-light."

Customers shipping Pixim chipsets in their security camera products include: Baxall, Dallmeier electronic, EverFocus, Tyco Fire & Security, GE Security, General Solutions, Honeywell, Ikegami, Pelco, Sunell, JVC, ChipER, Eagle Technology, Videor Technical, DVTel, Smartvue, Nuvation, and Electronics Line USA.