Doing Security's Missionary Work

SecureWorld attendees share perspectives on what convergence means for their security departments

Novak acknowledged that Pelco and others in his space are taking a new message to the masses.

"It is a whole new world out there. We are dealing with security professionals who need our technology, but they don't know Pelco. We need to be at events like this [SecureWorld] because IT is an integral part of the [buying] process," he said, "CIOs are getting information from a lot of sources. They are hearing from the Ciscos, the Avayas, the AT&Ts. At the end of the day we need to figure out a way to get our message across."

Dave Valyo, the Vanguard Group's director of security, health and safety, has seen his company's increased dependence on web-based business move it closer to converged security solutions.

"I come from a traditional security shop; from guards to fire life/safety," explained Valyo. "We have not merged or converged security departments, but there is one issue common to our company's risk and survival that is moving us closer to that convergence goal."

Because Vanguard Group is encouraging more of its customers to conduct online financial transactions, Valyo said what had primarily been simple check and paper fraud has now been replaced with Internet fraud and identity theft.

"This has changed the entire security equation," said Valyo. "Traditional security needs IT's help to deal with online fraud issues. These new risks bridge all security functions. Convergence is inevitable."