Mitsubishi Introduces New DVR with High Storage Capacity and New Software Interface

Building on the success of its enterprise-class DX-TL5000U digital video recorder, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America today announced a new generation of DVRs that retain the powerful feature set of the DX-TL5000U while significantly boosting hard drive recording capacity and supercharging ease of use. Soon to become available in a choice of three hard drive capacities, the new DX-TL5000U features up to 150% more internal recording capacity and a powerful new user interface that allows for simple, intuitive operation.

“The original DX-TL5000U broke new ground in reliability, performance and feature set for enterprise-class security recorders,” said Jeff Kiuchi, product specialist, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America Security Products. “Since its launch in 2005, the unit has been installed in retail stores, universities, government buildings and factories throughout the United States with tremendous success. Our new innovations build upon this success and demonstrate Mitsubishi’s unique, unyielding commitment to provide integrators and end-users with cutting-edge security recording solutions that are both affordable and easy to use.”

The DX-TL5000U provides a compact, all-in-one-box solution for the most demanding enterprise-class security recording applications, and will soon be available with unparalleled standard hard drive capacities of 1TB, 1.6TB or 2TB (previously 750GB). With 16 cameras connected in standard mode recording at 1 picture per second for each camera, the 2TB DX-TL5000U records 69 days of video footage.

For particularly demanding applications requiring powerful, long-term recording capability, Mitsubishi offers the DX-ZD5UE, a 1TB HDD extension unit, designed to maximize the storage capacity of the DX-TL5000U. Up to 7 DX-ZD5UE units can be easily connected to the DX-TL5000U via USB connection, and with 16 cameras connected in standard mode at 1 PPS record rate for each camera, internal and external storage for the 2TB DX-TL5000U maximizes at 9TB, providing an outstanding 312 days of continuous recording.

The enhanced DX-PC55U remote software offers a simple and intuitive interface, ensuring that users can quickly and easily reap the benefits of the new and advanced features of the DX-TL5000U. New features include synchronized video and audio playback, live network audio, simultaneous connection of multiple DVRs and support of more PTZ protocols. The new software also offers two user options: simple settings for ease of use, or full settings for maximum support.

Designed to provide the highest levels of performance and reliability, the DX-TL5000U offers refresh speeds of up to 960 frames per second for live images and 240 PPS recorded and features 16 video inputs, each of which can be individually configured to the required recording speed. Cascade connection enables the connection of up to 15 additional DVRs to the main unit, allowing users to access up to 256 cameras, and built-in network allows users to view thousands of cameras through remote software or through a standard web browser.

Built on a stable, secure Linux operating system, the DX-TL5000U ensures integration into a high-end security system with little risk of system crashes, reboots or images stalling. Images are easily archived for backup using the built-in CD/DVD drive, external USB memory devices, or simple connection to NAS servers.

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America offers industry-leading customer support, with a team of knowledgeable technical professionals just a phone call away. Should a replacement unit become necessary, Mitsubishi’s Express Replacement Assistance (ERA) is a 24-hour replacement unit program whereby a working replacement unit is shipped overnight for delivery on the next business day.

Shipping this summer, the new DX-TL5000U is bundled with the new Interactive Training CD.

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