Pixim Orca Chipset to Be Used in Honeywell HCU484 Camera Series

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- April 11, 2007 -- Pixim, Incorporated's Orca Chipset is integrated into Honeywell Security's new remote-controlled HCU484 surveillance camera series to offer the best image quality available in a wide variety of lighting conditions. Security professionals may easily install the HCU484 in extreme lighting environments, whether at a glass window in full sunlight or at a scene at dusk, without losing critical image details due to Pixim's award-winning Digital Pixel System® (DPS) technology.

DPS, the hallmark of Pixim chipsets, converts light to a digital signal directly at the point of capture in the image sensor, enabling each pixel to have independent, optimized exposure times to deliver excellent color rendition and the highest overall image quality.

Using Pixim's Orca chipset, Honeywell Security's HCU484 boasts significantly better dynamic range (up to 120dB) in high contrast lighting conditions, delivering excellent image quality during the day and at night. Colors are correctly rendered even in high glare environments, while excellent low light performance is delivered with a minimum illumination of 0.4 lux in color, and 0.1 lux in black and white.

Pixim chipsets provide the HCU484 with high-resolution color images without the presence of common image artifacts -- no blooming or smearing -- due to a progressive scan imager with global electronic shutter which also minimizes motion artifacts. Both NTSC and PAL compatible versions of the camera are available for worldwide distribution.