Polaroid Commercial ID Launches Fully Integrated Product Suite

WALTHAM, Mass. - Polaroid Commercial ID Systems (Polaroid Commercial ID), a division of Polaroid Corporation, has launched a fully integrated line of photo ID Card products that represent a major advancement in quality, flexibility, and functionality. These new products include multiple software options, a direct camera interface, and printers with improved security features.

Polaroid Commercial ID’s new product portfolio includes three software editions, each with robust features and flexible product offerings. The two new high-quality Polaroid ID Card Printers offer a range of options and have been engineered for improved print quality, ease of operation, and serviceability. Customers can order a preconfigured system and upgrade as their needs grow, or mix and match a printer, software, and a camera interface that suits their unique requirements.

Polaroid Commercial ID Senior Product and Marketing Manager Audrey White said the new products—together and individually—represent “a significant enhancement for those requiring an ID card solution. These products are designed to be ‘plug and play,’ and work together seamlessly, which takes the guesswork out for users.”

White added that the new products offer more advanced features and greater flexibility than previous Polaroid products. “In addition to magnetic strip encoding and bar-coding, our system now offers contact and contact-less encoding for smart cards, reading proximity cards, and HID cards, all of which expand the customer’s access to advanced security features.” In addition, each printer model provides customers a wide-range of options, from the P3000, a mono, single-sided USB printer to the P4000, a color, duplex, bi-directional Ethernet printer. The printer supplies are engineered and manufactured to ensure a high quality ID Card print every time.

The three versions of ID Card Maker software, V5.3, cover the full spectrum of users, from beginner to advanced. The Enhanced Edition is a complete package for start-up ID programs, providing a core set of tools for card design and production, data entry and retrieval, and image capture and printing. The Expert Edition is for users seeking to take their program to the next level, with customized options for design, production, and security. Polaroid’s most advanced ID software, ID Card Maker Elite, gives developers and advanced users powerful options for sophisticated proximity and smart card-based programs. Elite also supports Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) for Microsoft® Active Directory as the source database for user information and PDF 417 Binary Bar Code functionality.

Polaroid Commercial ID will continue to support all customers using the company’s current product line and will also sell ribbons and other peripherals required by those customers.

Polaroid Commercial ID Systems provides reliable, high-quality ID card systems, custom solutions, and ID card production services to clients worldwide. For more information on identification systems by Polaroid, call 1-866-IDPHOTO or visit www.polaroid-id.com.