Newest Version Gives the IQ Series a Performance Boost

The newest version of the IQ Series (3.0) will start shipping over the next month. This version is highly optimized - in many cases, doubling the number of cameras that can be run on a single PC. The benefits of this tremendous boost in performance is passed on directly to our customers as they have to spend half as much as they used to for computing hardware and their existing systems will be able to cope with many more cameras.

This new version also sees iOmniscient incorporate both their Internationally Patented Non-Motion Detection (NMD) with their highly advanced Video Motion Detection (VMD). The outcome is IQ-Infinity; the most comprehensive Intelligent Video Surveillance application in the World.

The convergence of NMD with VMD gives IQ-Infinity the full range of iOmniscient’s detection capabilities, of which many are only available from iOmniscient. Some of these capabilities include Abandoned Object Detection in a Crowd, Theft Detection in a Crowd, Graffiti and Vandalism Detection in a Crowd, Crowd and Traffic Management, Perimeter Protection and Intruder Detection and Counting, as well as complex Behavior Analysis and Tracking.

The new version also has an improved version of our unique Nuisance Alarm Minimization System (NAMS) which eliminates false alarms arising from a variety of factors especially light variations.

The release of IQ-Infinity comes close on the heels of the announcement last month of IQ-Implant, the embedded version of our software and coincides with the launch of IQ-Hawk (see story below) which is another revolutionary technology from iOmniscient.

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