Axsys to Supply Infrared Camera Systems for Kuwaiti Border Surveillance

ROCKY HILL, Conn. - Axsys Technologies, Inc. today announced that it received an order to supply long-range surveillance systems for the Kuwaiti Border Guard. These systems, which will be deployed in both fixed and vehicle-mounted configurations, will be used to monitor Kuwait's northern border. The contract, which was secured through Axsys' distributor in the Middle East, EG&G Middle East, is valued in excess of $2.5 million and is expected to ship within 2006.

The Axsys solution selected for this application was specifically designed for border and port security. The system includes infrared and visible cameras, each of which can detect man-sized objects at more than 20 kilometers, a laser range finder, and Axsys' newly released pan-and-tilt motion control system.

"This contract win is an important strategic success for Axsys," said Stephen W. Bershad, Chairman and CEO of Axsys Technologies. "This is our first major win in the Middle East, and it is illustrative of our increasing global presence. In addition, the selection of our camera system for this critical border security program demonstrates the strength of our solutions for long-range applications."

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