Probaris and ImageWare Partner for HSPD-12 Biometrics

Probaris integrates ImageWare IWS biometric engine for 1:N biometric searching and matching

PHILADELPHIA, PA - Apr 10, 2007 -- Probaris, Inc. and ImageWare Systems, Inc. today announced a partnership to integrate ImageWare's IWS Biometric Engine for 1:N (identification) biometric searching and matching with the Probaris ID identity assurance solution. This integration provides Probaris with an enhanced biometric searching and matching platform in support of Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12).

"Since the initial launch of our Probaris ID solution in 2006, we have experienced a high demand from federal agencies for 1:N biometric matching which is beyond the standard FIPS 201 requirements," said Jim Bensman, CEO of Probaris. "We have addressed this market by continually adding functionality, and ImageWare's IWS Biometric Engine complements our end-to-end credentialing solution, providing the flexibility to fulfill biometric identity management requirements such as 1:N."

"We are delighted to join forces with Probaris to bring an additional level of security in support of HSPD-12," said Jim Miller, ImageWare's chairman and CEO. "This is another example of the flexibility of our IWS Biometric Engine which can be seamlessly integrated or used stand-alone as a multi-modal biometric identity management solution."

The 1:N biometric matching captures the applicant's fingerprint at the Probaris Enrollment Station and then compares the fingerprint to all of the previously captured fingerprints in the system. This biometric matching check is an additional security measure to ensure that the current applicant's fingerprints are not currently in the system or duplicated in the system.

The Probaris ID solution provides key functionality to meet the evolving business requirements and federal regulations. Key features include:

-- Probaris SP, the industry leading platform for implementation and deployment of secure web enabled business processes

-- Easy to customize business processes to allow one department to have multiple agency-specific HSPD-12 processes

-- Secure central repository for identity data management, privacy compliance, and integration with other systems

-- Web-based processes with full audit trail

-- Service oriented architecture (SOA) for web services support

-- Event handling and APIs to ease integration with legacy systems

-- Integrated biometric capture, validation, enrollment, and issuance using industry leading components and software

Probaris ID is currently being used by federal agencies to comply with the HSPD-12 mandate of 2004. The system's credentials have been tested by the NIST labs and have passed all tests. The solution includes three modules: Probaris Enrollment, Probaris Infrastructure, and Probaris Issuance.

Probaris ID and the IWS Biometric Engine are available through Probaris GSA Contract (Schedule 70, Special Item Number 132-62).

IWS Biometric Engine

The IWS Biometric Engine's multi-biometric enrollment, management and authentication platform allows users to biometrically search and match populations of unlimited sizes for identity confirmation. Searches can be 1:1 (Verification), 1:N (Identification), X:N (Investigative) and N:N (Population Management). IWS Biometric Engine is technology agnostic, enabling users to employ biometric devices and algorithms from virtually any vendor, as well as support the combination of the following biometric types, including: single fingerprint, Livescan fingerprint, 2D face, 3D face, iris, palm scan, finger vein, palm vein, hand geometry, palm, DNA, signature, voice, and retina. The IWS Biometric Engine currently supports over 100 devices and methods of biometric acquisition and 73 biometric algorithms.

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