Genetec solutions implemented at CBIA headquarters

Genetec announced today that the Canadian Bureau of Investigations and Adjustments (CBIA) has purchased and installed Genetec’s integrated access control and video surveillance IP solutions at their new corporate office in Montreal. The Canadian-based company, which offers various security services such as protective, investigative, electronic surveillance and counter measure services, has just launched an armoured car division, called Centurion Armoured Car Services Inc., and was looking for an advanced technological solution for heightened security at their newly-built headquarters.

As a certified Genetec integrator, CBIA had already installed Genetec solutions for their customers and, thus, were familiar with the benefits of the solutions’ seamless integration. Today, over 200 cameras and 50 doors are protected by Omnicast and Synergis, distributed throughout two remote sites and three central monitoring stations.

According to Mr. Joe DiCarlo, Technical Director at CBIA, "our commitment to new generation security technology prompted us to buy into Genetec’s IP-based software. It offered great benefits such as remote access which would allow us to easily integrate other offices as we grow in the future." Mr. Marino Ronca, IT Director at CBIA, added "The system is robust, works well and offers incredible flexibility. The fact that it is easy to train users on the system, that it has programmable procedure pop-ups, alarm notifications and that we can see everything as it happens live, helps us stay very aware of our surroundings."

Shortly after implementation of the system, CBIA’s facility was inspected and certified by Lloyd’s of London for the design and construction of their headquarters. CBIA and Centurion were given top marks for all the elements which contributed to the elevated security levels, including the integration of advanced video and access control functionalities. However, more than heightened security, CBIA has also been able to leverage Genetec’s advanced solution by showcasing it to their own customers who are interested in a similar application.

"It is just a great way to demonstrate this avant-garde solution," claims Mr. Mark Folmer, VP of Corporate Development. "Our customers can see it, play with it and discover to what level they can take their own implementation."

Genetec is pleased to be in partnership with an integrator who values their pioneering qualities of IP security technology such as CBIA. According to Steve Bocking, Genetec’s Sales Manager for Canada, "The CBIA team has done an excellent job at leveraging the exact features which we have worked so hard to develop at Genetec. It is nice to see our partners maximize our solutions in order to provide heightened security levels for not only their customers, but for themselves as well."