Security Executive Council Creates Benchmarking Database

The Security Executive Council (formerly the CSO Executive Council) is on the move again, this time releasing its International Security Metrics and Benchmarking Database. The database tool lets security leaders compare their own security operations to those of their peers.

The database compares data supplied by a number of security departments from around the world, and each month, the Security Executive Council (SEC) will post a few metrics-related questions on its website. Security executives who provide responses will in turn receive free benchmarked data over email.

The SEC also announced the results of a new study regarding the trends in hiring of lead security executives. According to the council, the background for most security executves has been from military and law enforcement in addition to prior experience from other corporations' security departments.

That, says Security Executive Council Managing Director Bob Hayes, is starting to change. The report found that business and IT business backgrounds are increasingly common among top security executives

"Our observation has been that people are now sometimes being put in security leadership positions with no security, investigation, or security systems background, but a business background," said Hayes. "Some security personnel are being pushed out in favor of others with business risk and program knowledge. I think this should serve as a wake-up call for security practitioners who are not adept at demonstrating and communicating the value security can add to the business and reducing business risk. You have to think in terms of security adding value to business to survive today."

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