What a School Bomb Threat Costs: $22,400

Bomb threat response and ensuing lockdown cost one school more than $22,000 in hard costs

The Sheriff's Department bomb-sniffing dog team scoured the hallways of Hampden Academy and John Bapst for around 15 hours over the four days, Sheriff Glenn Ross said.

The cost of the dog and handler is valued at approximately $50 an hour, he said. The state police also had a team that searched the schools, and some troopers received overtime pay for their efforts, said Stephen McCausland, spokesman for the state Department of Public Safety.

But McCausland could not provide the exact number of hours troopers worked on the case.

"While we have people tied up on these hoaxes, it takes away from the officers able to respond to legitimate calls," said Bangor acting Police Chief Peter Arno.