PepperBall Introduces FlashLauncher with Illuminated Protection

San Diego – March 26, 2007 – PepperBall Technologies, Inc., the leading producer of less-lethal weapons solutions, has expanded its product line with FlashLauncher, a multi-purposed use-of-force option for the law enforcement, private security, corrections and bail-enforcement markets.

FlashLauncher can fire up to five PepperBall projectiles with semi-automatic action, and incorporates a functional, high utility rechargeable flashlight in one product.

Upon firing, FlashLauncher is designed to provide safe and effective results through a painful impact and release of hot pepper powder from patented PepperBall projectiles. This combination is designed to distract and disable would-be assailants giving authorized personnel tactical advantage, enhanced safety and a measured use of force.

According to George Burkle, general manager and vice president of PepperBall Technologies, Inc., FlashLauncher is ideal for use during room entry, room clearing or cell extractions, building or cell searches, traffic stops, perimeter patrols, fugitive surprise, or other situations where officers or agents need a less-lethal solution and a powerful light in one hand while keeping their other hand free for use as needed.

"The combination of a flashlight and PepperBall launcher allows law enforcement, corrections officers, private security guards and bail-enforcement agents to immediately respond to situations that can suddenly require use of force," he said. "The same core technology used in FlashLauncher is also the choice for thousands of law enforcement agencies, security service providers, and private concerns around the world."

FlashLauncher's 80-lumen flashlight illuminates immediate surroundings such as the inside of corrections cells, building perimeters and vehicles. Its focused beam also illuminates person-sized objects at the target-accurate range of 30 feet. This gives users the ability to quickly assess situations, and more easily judge if launching is required.

The extremely rugged FlashLauncher is rechargeable and can be mounted at agency facilities or inside of a patrol car. A quick clip with easy disconnect is used to carry the weapon as needed. A build in laser helps users to quickly and accurately acquire targets.

FlashLauncher relies on PepperBall's proven Chem-neticsâ„¢ technology to effectively subdue attackers. Affected individuals experience the deterrent effect of being struck by the powerful yet less-than-lethal kinetic impact of a PepperBall projectile and the release of extremely "hot" pepper active agent (capsaicin II). The combined effects of this technology enables PepperBall to offer extremely effective law enforcement and security tools that also lower the likelihood of serious injury to attackers.

Burkle said FlashLauncher should also appeal to consumers looking for a less-lethal home-protection solution that can be kept in a nightstand, and is portable enough to be taken in a car, recreational vehicle, or be packed with outdoor camping gear.

The FlashLauncher units will be manufactured by Tippmann Sports, the Fort Wayne, Ind.-based world leader in high performance paintball products.

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