Redemtech and Brink's Launch Secure Transport Service for IT Assets

At the Gartner IT & Software Asset Management Summit, Brink's and Redemtech launched a service that is as "converged" as you can be.

The companies together unveiled a service to transport high-sensitivity data. The service is designed to keep company data on off-network devices safe during transport.

While Brink's is a name well known across the physical security industry for its cash handling services, alarm systems and more, Redemtech brings added experience in IT asset management. The combination of the two companies leverages shipment knowledge, ensuring chain-of-custody and decreasing the likelihood that a company's IT assets would fall victim to theft.

"Data security has become the number one priority for many CEOs and CIOs due to the rising frequency and costs of privacy breaches," said Robert Houghton, Redemtech;s president. "Our clients are continuously looking for new and better ways to safeguard sensitive data and eliminate the risk of loss or theft. Brink's Secure Data Solutions transportation services, in conjunction with Redemtech's full complement of secure recovery solutions, provide the ultimate protection for data-bearing assets during transit."

The services are expected to see strongest adoption in heavily regulated industries like healthcare and financial, where federal regulations strictly control data privacy.

According to Redemtech, the challenges that those two industries face is that because of the widespread use of such data, encryption or erasure of the data on devices often presents a problem, thus making secure transport more import.

The secure IT asset transportation services will be known as Brink's Secure Data Solutions transportation service, and will partner directly with Redemtech's existing services. According to Brink's, protocols for transfer will include person-to-person delivery and tanper-resistant packaging.

Brink's will use armed guards and ground transportation to deliver the IT assets to Redemtech, which then processes or securely destroy the IT data so the computer can be freely reused, recycled, or destroyed. Air freight will not likely be used, though the companies note there are provisions for situations which require air transport.

The Brink's Secure Data Transportation service is online at Redemtech is online at, and is owned by Micro Electronics.