GE Shows Its Stuff at ASIS

Attendees of the GE Security press conference had a chance to meet and talk with new president and CEO Dean Seavers on Tuesday at the ASIS International Conference.

Seavers, along with Greg Burge, vice president and general manager – Americas commercial; Jerry Rose, vice president and general manager of global product management; and Joseph Krisciunas with the GE Global Research team walked attendees through GE go-to-market strategy, which will focus on several targeted vertical markets.

"Our key focus is in retail, healthcare, education, banking and stadiums and venues," Seavers said.

The gentlemen also went over GE's recent product development efforts, highlighted by a retail security solution using video analytics to monitor customer preferences and activities, such as how long a customer looks at a particular item or display. The system is obviously still in its development stages, but still represents the kind of business-issue solutions that "security" is expanding into.

GE has made quite a few new product announcements at the show as well. The company has added the SymSafe product set of hybrid DVRs to its product line. Additionally, GE has made available its DirecDoor controller, a two-door, two-reader PoE, IP-connected access controller; and a residential intercom and audio system.

GE also announced the deployment of its CommerceGuard container security system at the Port of Oakland.

Finally, GE introduced its Telergy software, a suite of applications that works with VoIP for patient-staff communication in a hospital setting.