NovaTracker Introduces "Guardtrax" Guard Tracking System

New System Features Improved Accountability, Greater Personnel Efficiency and Diminished Risk

LAS VEGAS, Sept. 24, 2007 – GuardTrax™, developed by NovaTracker, is a new suite of technologies that gives security firms and corporate security managers the ability to monitor, track, and manage field level security personnel in real-time over the Internet. The system is being demonstrated at the 53rd Annual American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) International Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, on September 24-27th at the Las Vegas Convention Center (Booth #4812).

The GuardTrax SFL™ (Security Force Locator) is the security industry’s first “real-time” personal GPS tracking solution for field personnel. GuardTrax enables security supervisors and managers to track, monitor and manage their field security forces in “real-time” at all times. The GuardTrax SFL™ utilizes a highly sensitive GPS antenna combined with GSM wireless communication to move critical location and activity data to a server platform. This data is then integrated into web-interfaced GIS mapping and satellite imagery software giving security supervisors and managers a virtual window from which they can view the activities of their security personnel in “real-time” from anywhere in the world.

GuardTrax is unique in its capabilities when compared to other GPS devices. First, the unit combines GPS (location and tracking) with GSM (phone and data transmission), so security personnel don’t need a mobile phone for emergencies, supervisor assistance or calls to the office. The GuardTrax SFL™ will dial 4 pre-defined phone numbers as well as a one-touch panic button for emergencies.

The GuardTrax SFL™ has an innovative incident reporting system that utilizes a straightforward multi-function button coding system and enables security personnel to “key-in” as many as 23 specific event codes or incident reports relating security duty performance. These coded incident reports, together with the location, time, date, and other critical incident location data are received by the GuardTrax server where they are immediately relayed to supervisors and mangers via email or SMS.

In addition to the officer initiated or “keyed” incident reporting, the GuardTrax SFL™ is equipped with a motion sensor that will report if the device has had no motion for a determined amount of time. Simply stated, if the unit is not in motion, the supervisor will know about it.

Lastly, the GuardTrax SFL™ also has a non-keyed incident called the “geo-fence breach alert.” If the device is taken in or out of a pre-defined area, then it sends a message to the GuardTrax server reporting that the device has entered or exited a defined area. All incidents and events reported through the GuardTrax SFL, after reaching the GuardTrax server are relayed through SMS or email to any number of desired recipients.

The GuardTrax SFL will deliver up-to-the-minute information to security supervisors on every incident reported by their security personnel anywhere in the world and will enable them to monitor the current, as well as the historical location data of their security personnel in “real-time”. Having this kind of timely information will permit supervisors to “coach” their field security staff through virtual monitoring and supervision. By using the GuardTrax SFL™ to supervise field security personnel, post checks and officer performance inspections are accomplished in seconds instead of hours.

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