NovaTracker Introduces "Guardtrax" Guard Tracking System

New System Features Improved Accountability, Greater Personnel Efficiency and Diminished Risk

Conversely, GuardTrax can also alert supervisors if a guard travels into or beyond specifically designed invisible geographic boundaries or “geo-fence”. These geo-fence capabilities are created by GPS latitude, longitude, and radius parameters which can be remotely set over the air (OTA). So if a guard leaves his post, the supervisor will be notified immediately.

“The security industry has been waiting for years for a system like GuardTrax that enables management to monitor the exact location and movement of each guard in real-time from any Internet enabled location to respond quickly and appropriately,” explains David Leis, Chief Marketing Officer at NovaTracker.

“Ensuring the personal safety and security of each guard, while monitoring performance, is now as simple as using a web browser, clicking on a location and watching the movement of each guard avatar. We believe it will help firms scale back management supervision costs, mitigate theft liability, and lower insurance costs.”

According to Brian Dooley, a well-known security consultant and guest lecturer at John Jay College who has tested the GuardTrax system, “Accountability has always been paramount and GuardTrax is taking it to the next level. With the top-of-the-line technology NovaTracker is putting forth with the GuardTrax system, you will know where security forces are at any given time and you’ll have peace of mind.”

Weighing only six ounces and measuring approximately 2”x 6”, the GuardTrax unit is barely larger than the average cell phone and can easily fit into a shirt or pant pocket. Rugged design and a weather-resistant case make for a highly-functional and durable device.

GuardTrax units will be leased on a monthly basis with prices based on quantity deployed. For an online demo or for product photos, please visit