Cross Match Unveils New Biometric Identity Solutions

Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., September 19, 2006 – Cross Match Technologies, Inc., a leading global provider of high-quality interoperable biometric identity applications and solutions, today announces the Guardian R™, the Guardian multi-modal Jumpkit, and Guardian FAST at the 2006 Biometrics Consortium conference, Booth 110, which is being held at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland. These new products and solutions are enhanced versions of Cross Match’s recently launched ten-print live scan hardware and software system, the Guardian, providing added features and functionality to address the stringent requirements of the U.S. military and able to perform in harsh and remote environments.

Guardian R is an enhanced version of Cross Match’s Guardian fingerprint capture device that is ruggedized for the military and sealed in an ingress protection IP66 metal casing so it can work in wet and dusty conditions. In addition, it has an integrated light filter so it can be used outdoors. Cross Match developed the metal casing and light filter for the U.S. military and expects it will see a significant demand for the device from various military branches given its ability to be used in harsh environments and extreme weather conditions.

Cross Match also developed a Guardian based multi-modal Jumpkit, that includes all the functionality of its original military Jumpkit products, including fingerprint image capture, latent image capture, facial image capture, document scanning, voice recording, iris capture, and GPS recording, with the ability to run off an integral military battery. Optionally, the Jumpkit may support a Mobile AFIS in the field. The new Guardian multi-modal Jumpkit device is 30 percent smaller than the original Jumpkit and weighs five pounds less. As such, it is the smallest, lightest, rugged multi-modal biometric capture device available on the market today capable of FBI compliant image quality specifications and meeting the military’s unique multi-modal capture requirements.

To round out its Guardian suite, Cross Match also developed Guardian FAST (Fast Autocapture of Slaps and Thumbs), a sophisticated software middleware package that enables system integrators to add fingerprint capture biometrics to their software applications without prior knowledge of biometrics. Developed to meet the requirements of a joint agency user group, Guardian FAST is quick and easy to implement and delivers a forensic quality digital fingerprint plain impression or conventional rolls EFT record in just seconds. FAST includes a comprehensive toolkit for creating skins for the biometric capture, allowing integrators to implement fingerprint capture in their application with a seamless look and feel. FAST performs the fastest auto capture, segmentation, NFIQ image quality scoring and EFT formatting function in the biometric industry.

“We are excited to unveil these solutions at the 2006 Biometrics Consortium conference as it is the premier event for the United States Federal Government, which leads the way in the adoption of biometrics,” said Thomas Buss, senior vice president of product development and management of Cross Match Technologies, Inc. “Having already met and surpassed the stringent requirements of the Joint Agency User Group which includes the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense and U.S. military services, we believe the new multi-modal biometric Guardian solutions are going to rapidly change how the military deploys biometric technology in the field and will help them significantly enhance our national security.”

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