Lumidigm's J110 Fingerprint Sensors Designed for Real World

Albuquerque, NM — September 11, 2006 — Lumidigm — Lumidigm, Inc. has introduced the first fingerprint sensor available utilizing multispectral imaging.

The J110 is a ruggedized sensor that incorporates Lumidigm’s patented technology. In a fraction of a second, multiple wavelengths of light coupled with advanced filtering techniques capture images at and below the surface of the skin. The resulting high-quality fingerprint images virtually eliminate common performance problems due to poor images. This award-winning sensor also has the industry’s best anti-spoof technology.

Designed for the most demanding civil and access control applications, the J110 delivers high-quality, 500 dpi fingerprint images in all environments. Multispectral imaging provides clean, clear fingerprint images when fingers are wet, extremely dry, or incompletely touching the platen. By looking below the skin surface, high-quality fingerprint images can be captured even when the individual has little or no surface fingerprint. This translates to repeatable high-quality fingerprint images that can reduce or eliminate enrollment problems and false rejections making secure high-throughput indoor and outdoor applications a reality.

While fake fingers and finger spoofs are a significant risk for fingerprint applications, the J110 eliminates this barrier to deployment. Readily available spoofs that easily defeat conventional fingerprint sensors such as thin films and prostheses are rendered useless against Lumidigm’s new sensor.

Built to withstand the elements and continue to perform all day, every day in the real world, the J110 has a cast aluminum case and NEMA 4 rating and is capable of operating at temperatures from -20◦ to +70◦ C with humidity ranging from 10 – 99% RH.

For more information or to download a product datasheet, please visit About Lumidigm Lumidigm, Inc. has developed and deployed novel identity and access control solutions using biometrics that work in the real world. Lumidigm generates secure optical fingerprints by harnessing the complex interactions between skin and light. With commercial partners, venture funding, and government sponsors, Lumidigm provides identity management for civil identification, point-of-sale, physical and logical access, and portable electronic device applications. Lumidigm was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico. More information is available at