UltraVision Security’s New UltraSensor Wins Product Achievement Award

Salem, NH – April 12, 2006 – UltraVision Security Systems, Inc. today announced that the Security Industry Association (SIA) has chosen the company’s UltraSensor motion detector as the winner of its 2006 “Product Achievement Award for Intrusion Detection/Prevention” at the International Security Conference & Exposition in Las Vegas.

SIA's New Product Showcase is held each year at the International Security Conference (ISC) EXPO West. Designers and manufacturers of electronic security products, peripherals and services submit their newest products and services for this industry-wide, internationally-recognized competition.

“Last Fall, we heard Frank Lanza, chairman of L-3 Communications, say to attendees at the Securing New Ground Conference, ‘What this industry needs is a motion detector that can see through walls,’ and we got very excited,” says Dennis Johnson, president of UltraVision Security Systems, Inc. Johnson continues, “We were already planning the launch of UltraSensor, a true security industry innovation, in just a few months. No other motion detection technology can do what UltraSensor does. Mr. Lanza – you asked for it … we got it.”

UltraSensor is a fixed sensor system designed for installation underground, in building sidewalls or ceilings. Unlike other motion detection technologies, it needs no “window” on the world to detect motion. With its ultra wideband technology platform (see UWB backgrounder), UltraSensor “sees” through earth, walls and obstacle. Sensors also report distance to the motion and velocity and count and classify targets (e.g., animals, people, cars, trucks). Because they are buried, the sensors are clandestine, tamper-proof, impervious to weather and ambient lighting conditions … and they are less subject to false alarms.

Bill Lozon, vice president of sales and marketing, says, “The false alarm problem has been a growth inhibitor for other technologies. With its unique capabilities, especially the reduction in false alarms, UltraSensor will help stimulate market opportunities for dealers and integrators. Our sensors are an easy retrofit to existing systems and give clients enhanced security capabilities unavailable with any other technology or product on the market.”

Lozon adds, “This technology isn’t just theory – our UWB prototypes have been successfully field tested and approved by the Israeli military.” Commenting on the product and training for the UVSS portable sensor system, Lt. Daniel Neisberg at the R&D Branch of the Israeli Home Front Command writes, “All the people who were present for the training felt very confident working with the system. After completing the training, the system is fully operational in the Israeli HFC.”

The company can be found online at ultravisionsecurity.com.