Monitronics Showcases Two-Way Alarm Demos on ISC Floor

Monitronics International, Inc., the fourth largest security and monitoring company in the nation, is proud to offer live two-way alarm panel demonstrations this year at ISC West Expo. Demonstrations will be available each day of the show, and will be conducted in Monitronics’ booth #22073, using a new technology called the Localizer designed by Brown Innovations, Inc., and customized for use by Monitronics.

Monitronics leads the nation in two-way alarm monitoring services. This position provides Monitronics Authorized Dealers a selling proposition to offer their customers the added value and protection of two-way audio verification. During an in-home presentation, Monitronics Authorized Dealers perform the Three Point Test where a sales person demonstrates the powerful nature of the two-way alarm by walking to three points within the customer’s home and calling out in detail those locations. Through the voice intercom, the Monitronics operator will repeat back exactly what was said. The demonstration reinforces to the customer the value of two-way audio verification and the services provided by Monitronics and the Authorized Dealers.

Two-way voice provides the ability to communicate with the Monitronics Central Station via the subscriber’s alarm system from anywhere in the home without the use of a phone. When activated, the central station operator can listen and talk to the subscriber to determine the nature of the alarm and maintain contact with the subscriber until the responding authorities arrive. Getting prospective customers actively involved in the demonstration process is a powerful closing tool, generating more sales for Monitronics Authorized Dealers.

To conduct two-way alarm demonstrations on the trade show floor, Monitronics was challenged by the noise of the floor and the inability to clearly transmit two-way communication in such an environment. Brown Innovations used the Localizer with its patented hemispheric dome design to isolate audio so well that conversation can clearly be heard under the dome even in the noisiest environments.

Taking the interface one step further, the Vocalizer provides audio isolation plus two-way communication. By separating the audio from the background noise, the Vocalizer picks up even the quietest whisper from the person speaking under the dome. This makes it the perfect solution for any application that requires a semi-private conversation.

Kevin Brown, founder of Brown Innovations, helped customize the Vocalizer for use by Monitronics in their ISC trade show booth. “We developed a special circuit and interface cable for this project, which allows the Vocalizer to communicate with Monitronics’ existing communication circuitry, thus allowing clear, smooth and seamless communications between the Monitronics operator and the show room floor,” said Brown.

Monitronics International, Inc., the nation’s fourth largest alarm company, provides state-of-the-art monitoring and customer service to residential and business customers across the U.S. Monitronics is expanding its national market share through its dealer program, account acquisitions, and monitoring services. Monitronics monitors more than 500,000 customers. Headquartered in Dallas, Monitronics International, Inc. has more than 500 full-time and part-time employees and was named to the Inc. 500 list of Fastest Growing Companies for a record-breaking seven years in a row.

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