Two NTC books make NICET’s reference material allowed list

National Training Center (NTC), the leading training provider in the low voltage industry proudly announced today that NICET, nationally recognized provider of testing and certification for fire alarm systems design and installation, has recently added two of NTC’s professional reference books to their approved list.

Bryan Mclane, Vice President of NTC discusses his enthusiasm, "I’m pleased to see that our two best sellers, NTC’s Brown Book - Fire Alarm Systems Design and Installation, and NTC’s Orange Book - Chuck Notes (Code Quick Reference Guide) are now permitted as references to be used in the NICET exam. NTC’s number one priority is to provide the very best in training in the industry. We empower individuals and companies everyday through our first-rate educational programs and reference manuals. Having NTC’s Orange and Brown book on NICET’s approved reference list further exemplifies NTC’s commitment to supporting the successes of individuals and companies throughout the U.S. to reach their goals."

Fire alarm system design and installation is complex and governed by national and local codes. The NTC Brown Book makes understanding these complexities easy. This reference covers all aspects of fire alarm systems including planning, documentation, contracts, design and installation. The NTC Brown Book is a great reference for preparing to take certification exams.

Chuck Notes is well known in the industry as the most important fire alarm systems reference for code requirements. Chuck Notes is easy to use and assists you in finding requirements quickly. This book is based on code requirements for fire alarm systems and includes life safety requirements and electrical requirements. Chuck Notes is a fantastic reference study. Certification testing requires the ability to identify requirements quickly and Chuck Notes has been specifically developed for that purpose.