Orsus partners with Alutiiq to provide a Situation Management solution to the Department of Defense Agencies

Las Vegas March 28, 2007—Orsus, a pioneer in the field of Situation Management, a new, holistic approach to optimizing situation planning, response and analysis, has partnered with Alutiiq, a systems integrator that specializes in working for the Department of Defense, Homeland Security and other Government agencies.

The partnership involves Alutiiq offering Orsus' Situation Management Product – Situator, to its many high-level clients within the Department of Defense Agencies. Alutiiq will market the product as Alutiiq’s Total Integrated Security Approach, or Alutiiq TISA.

“This agreement between Orsus and Alutiiq extends Situator’s reach to numerous agencies within the United States Government, where the highest security standards are required,” said Gal Oron, President Americas at Orsus. “Alutiiq is a top-level security systems integrator that has strongly established its physical security solution business in a few short years.”

Alutiiq TISA provides government customers with an open architecture solution to manage the workflow between control room operators, field personnel and security managers in both routine and emergency situations. It delivers prompts, associated with the developing situation, to security personnel in order to ensure that the proper actions are executed thus reducing potential human error.

“We selected Orsus as our partner of choice because its Situation Management Product is the best in the market today,” said Jim Strobel, Vice President of Alutiiq. “Situator enables us to provide our customers with features such as intelligent automation that frees their security personnel to focus on critical tasks that require human intervention when an emergency situation arises.”

Orsus Situator fuses disparate security systems, such as sensors, access control systems, video analytics, alarm panels and GPS enabled devices, to offer a common relevant operational view of the situation.

In addition to Situator's abilities to provide awareness convergence and streamlined workflow for security personnel, it allows an easy way to simulate emergencies and train staff in an efficient manner thus continuously improving the organization's level of preparedness.

About Orsus

Orsus® is a Situation Management pioneer. Situation Management is a new, holistic approach to optimizing situation planning, response and analysis. Situator™ is the first comprehensive Situation Management software platform to unify management of the entire Control Room Lifecycle for security, safety and emergency services where the risk of human error can lead to financial loss, injury and damage to public image. With successful implementation in a variety of industries and a reputation for innovative ideas and development Orsus possesses the knowledge, experience and determination to shape the future of Situation Management.

About Alutiiq

Alutiiq provides design and installation services for sophisticated electronic security, access control and sensor systems at National Guard Facilities throughout the United States and the four US Territories. Alutiiq has completed over 4,000 installations in 2005 and 2006, with an additional 2,300 installations scheduled in 2007. Alutiiq developed the Total Integrated Security Approach (TISA) which is based on an open architecture system that provides the National Guard with a centralized view and management of all security and safety sub-systems and sensors at a state managed Security Control Center (SCC). The SCC is a consolidation of all the technologies, people and policies into a unified, easy to use, system at one central command within the state.

Alutiiq provides similar electronic security support for SPAWAR, US CENTAF, Redstone Arsenal, the National Parks Service and the Department of State.

Alutiiq and its subsidiaries employ approximately 4,400 people in 48 states and 4 countries with operations in: Security & Law Enforcement; Operations & Maintenance Services; Logistics Support Services; Information Technology & Technical Support Services; Engineering & Information Solutions; Construction and Youth Training Services. Alutiiq, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Afognak Native Corporation is owned, in perpetuity, by almost 700 Alaska Native shareholders.