DSC to Offer DSC HOME Powered by Life|ware

Las Vegas, Nevada, Wednesday, March 28, 2007 – DSC introduces tomorrow’s home today with the DSC HOME Powered by Life|ware solution. This product bundle brings together home security, home automation, and home entertainment; all controlled in the living room via the TV screen, digital entertainment center and TV remote control. It means the customer's TV will become the dashboard for managing security, lighting, temperature, music, pictures, video, movies and television.

Customers can conveniently control security in every zone of the house using Life|ware and the TV remote control. They can arm perimeter home security or specific zones such as the garage, while at home; or arm zones from outside the house, using electronic key fobs. The solution also includes a real-time IP camera for keeping an eye on the front door, back deck, or inside for children, pets and elderly relatives.

Customers can adjust home lighting and temperature in different areas using the TV remote control; or (with add-ons to the product bundle) operate motorized drapes, blinds and appliances the same way. They can even open and close the garage door using an electronic key fob.

In addition, the bundle includes a TV screen and entertainment center that permits homeowners to pause live TV and schedule recordings of shows and movies. Customers can manage music collections, watch DVDs, and create DVDs. They can also organize digital picture collections and create custom slide shows with them.

“We are excited to provide our installers with an opportunity to be among the first in the security industry to take customer homes into the future," said Bryan Watts from DSC. "DSC HOME and the great value offered by the Powered by Life|ware product bundle allow our customers to get into a rewarding new business very quickly with almost no learning curve. And we think the operation of the home using the TV remote and our electronic key fobs is an unbeatable combination. It's exactly the kind of convenience that the homeowners of tomorrow will be seeking."

Steve Cashman, vice president of sales for Life|ware said, “DSC is leading the industry by offering builders and security installers the first WSD intelligent home network-connected security system, along with a home entertainment and automation solution.”

Life|ware provides instant and simple control over home automation, security and surveillance systems from the same Media Center used to manage and distribute digital content.

DSC HOME is a program that will include many different security products relevant to the home of the future. DSC dealers can begin ordering the DSC HOME Powered by Life|ware solution through DSC distributors in the USA this spring.

For more information please visit www.dsc.com or www.life-ware.com.