Panasonic Offers Faster, More Accurate Iris Reader For Access Control Identification and Authentication

Las Vegas, NV (March 28, 2007) – Panasonic Security Systems is displaying the new BM-ET200 Iris Reader here at ISC West 2007. Offering the advantages of Panasonic’s core video and imaging technology, the BM-ET200 is non-invasive, safe, and easy to use with a high-speed capture engine for recognition in only 0.3 seconds.

“Iris recognition technology is the most accurate and easy to use form of non-invasive biometric identification and authentication," said Frank DeFina, President, Panasonic System Solutions Company (PSSA). “Our Iris Reader technology is gaining wide acceptance for many different applications because of its speed and accuracy, and the fact that no physical contact is required for operation.” The Panasonic iris reader is being used by the CHILD Identification Project, the TSA’s Registered Traveler Program, and in many high-security corporate environments.

The BM-ET200 offers unsurpassed security, with a false accept rate of 1 in 1.2 million and built-in tamper detection to prevent data from being extracted. User alignment is easy, with dual mirror configuration, voice guidance and distance indicator. The BM-ET200 also integrates with Wiegand-compatible EAC control systems and has built-in support for Prox and i-Class smart card applications. With the user-selectable option of standalone operation, enrollment via numeric key or web integration (with a 50-user maximum), the BM-ET200 is compatible with any operational platform.

With iris recognition technology, a template or “map” of each enrolled individual’s iris pattern is stored on a database or onto an access card or token. To gain access, enrolled individuals simply look into the iris reader’s mirrors and the system compares his/her iris pattern images with iris templates. A match verifies the identity and access permission is given.