SafetyCare Outlines Initiatives to Redefine Security Monitoring Business

Company links security system monitoring with vital health services

HACKENSACK, N.J. – SafetyCare, Inc. an innovative business that merges security systems with a virtually endless range of safety, health and wellness services, today released details about its 15-year vision plan, described as “SafetyCare 2020.”

In preparing for long-term growth, SafetyCare officials have developed a state-of-the-art, 24-hour monitoring facility, investing millions of dollars in the latest infrastructure before accepting their first customer. The company, to date, has also spent more than $1 million in staff training, making SafetyCare employees the best prepared in the industry.

SafetyCare is the only company in the United States that incorporates security monitoring with other vital services, such as family counseling, health care support and worldwide access to critical information and services. Through investment in infrastructure, people and the disciplines outlined in “SafetyCare 2020,” the company means to establish itself as the new standard in security monitoring.

“With the most advanced central station in the industry, SafetyCare is now developing a full complement of products and services to maximize our technological investment,” said Glenn Fischer, president and CEO, SafetyCare. “We are now creating a system that will propel the entire security industry to a new level by 2020.”

SafetyCare’s greatest attribute is its leadership. Company officials are leaders in the industry, having run the largest central station monitoring businesses in the country over the past three decades.

Before these industry veterans founded SafetyCare, they hired an independent marketing research firm to conduct consumer focus groups. The findings showed that in order to supplement the security and medical products they were purchasing, consumers wanted access to security professionals 24-hours a day for questions or concerns about their hardware and personal security.

Peter Giacalone, executive vice president of SafetyCare, said the company now stores the secure medical information and emergency contact information of its Members, allowing the confidential information to be accessible to authorized individuals, anytime, anywhere. With the value of such a service, he said, the company is prepared to leverage its technology to become one of the largest access points for this important information over the next 15 years.

“SafetyCare: 2020” focuses on maximizing technology and introducing new services, allowing SafetyCare customers to continually receive unparalleled safety, security and wellness services. This effort is now underway in a number of areas, including:

Telemedicine. SafetyCare has established an agreement with an international provider of in-home monitoring systems for people who live in rural communities. Through these technologies – and SafetyCare’s UL central station monitoring – Members can have their health monitored remotely by professional medical specialists. Through telemedicine’s rapidly evolving technologies, which include a number of high-tech, in-home systems, primary care physicians can remotely monitor Members and provide treatment and referrals in a precise manner. Telemedicine is already popular in Scandinavian countries; its technologies are ideal for rural America.

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