SafetyCare Outlines Initiatives to Redefine Security Monitoring Business

Company links security system monitoring with vital health services

SafeAssure. Consumers, whether through their employer, their alarm company, or individually, have the choice to subscribe to individual service options, including emergency notification and medical information maintenance and retrieval, as well as wellness counseling, whether or not they have a security system. This program is flexible and offers consumers a choice of four service levels.

Now, Authorized Partners can present a virtually endless array of security service combinations to their subscribers; as well obtain a steady stream of new business leads through SafetyCare. Such choices are especially beneficial to dealers continually seeking to increase revenue through value-added service options for their customer base. SafetyCare also offers group and volume discounts.

GPS. The home security industry has just scratched the surface regarding how GPS can provide home security, safety and wellness services. Through “SafetyCare 2020,” the company is implementing a number of products over the next 15 years that will maximize technologies to serve families, seniors, people with disabilities and residents of rural communities, in addition to the traditional commercial services available.

Industry Partnerships. There are many parallel industries that serve clients who can directly benefit from SafetyCare’s vast range of security, safety and wellness programs. By developing strategic partnerships with such entities as schools, government and insurance companies, SafetyCare will bridge the gap between home security and other industries, further creating new opportunities to grow Authorized Partners’ client bases.

Expanding Expertise. One of the ways in which SafetyCare is unique from the field is in its front line staffing. Those who respond to calls in the central station are trained first responders, including registered nurses, police officers, psychologists and EMTs. Additionally, SafetyCare is comprised of response teams specifically trained in such areas as drug abuse, alcoholism, and stress reduction. These wellness personnel communicate in strict confidence with subscribers for health crisis counseling, consultation, conflict resolution, problem solving, critical incident intervention and many other services.

“SafetyCare’s continual investment in products and services allows us to be a leader in these sophisticated markets, greatly benefiting our Authorized Partners and subscribers of traditional alarm monitoring,” Giacalone said. “By providing an unprecedented level of service, our Authorized Partners and Members now have access to all these technologies and high-level staff for their traditional services. SafetyCare is committed over the next 15 years to continually elevate this level of service.”

“There is tremendous value in this industry when you build a platform from the ground up and infuse it with value and a growing range of innovative services,” Fischer said. “SafetyCare 2020 is our planning document, allowing us to grow and service a stable force of accounts with new and nontraditional services. The infrastructure that we have built makes it possible for SafetyCare to experience enormous growth by 2020 and accommodate whatever challenge may arise.”

SafetyCare is redefining security and safety – utilizing a high-tech central station system platform environment to monitor and support its nationwide Authorized Partner program and independent dealers and Members with a virtually endless range of security, safety, health and wellness services. SafetyCare subscribers can immediately access support services 24-hours-a-day by calling from anywhere in the world. SafetyCare offers Members medical record archiving and retrieval, certified professionals for support during medical emergencies, as well as health crisis counseling, consultation, conflict resolution, problem solving and critical incident intervention, among many other services. Dealers rely on SafetyCare for a broad range of services, including stress, family problems, mental health issues and addictive behaviors. For more information, visit