Industry Software Leaders Support Third-Generation, Mulit-Codec Sony Security Cameras

LAS VEGAS (ISC WEST, Booth # 22063), April 5, 2006 – At this week’s International Security Conference (ISC) West show, key independent security software vendors announced that their software supports Sony IPELA® security cameras with multi-codec capabilities, including new third-generation cameras offering dual stream JPEG/MPEG4/H.264 compression options as well as analytics.

The vendors include a wide range of software developers noted for their innovation and excellence in the fast-growing IP-security market including D3Data, Genetec, JDS, Milestone, OnSSI and Salient.

”We are gratified by the response from these important members of the security industry who share our commitment to fulfill the promise of IP-based security solutions,” said Yoshi Hirano, senior marketing manager for Sony Electronics’ security group in the U.S. ”Given our experience with analog security systems, we immediately recognized the potential of the new IP-based systems, and set out to build a comprehensive lineup of network cameras to realize it.”

”The arrival of our multi-codec capable cameras, including a third generation incorporating analytics, marks an important new phase in the development of IP-security.”

The cameras supported by these industry-leading security systems include the new IPELA SNC-CS10 and SNC-CS11 cameras, as well as the third-generation SNC-RX550N, SNC-RZ50N and SNC-CS50N IP-based cameras incorporating analytics.

The SNC-CS10 and SNC-CS11 models are cost-effective workhorses suitable for many everyday installations.

The SNC-RX550N, SNC-RZ50N and SNC-CS50N cameras mark a new generation of technology and features that include dual stream MPEG4/JPEG/H.264 operation plus time stamp/camera identification superimposed on the frame. They also incorporate intelligent motion detection, intelligent object detection, voice alert and dynamic frame integration. These analytic capabilities are the signature feature of Sony’s third-generation of network cameras.

A System for Every Situation

There is broad support for the new cameras from independent software vendors and industry leaders, which have established IP-based security as the emerging standard in corporate, retail, transportation, academic, municipal and government applications. Here are a few snapshots:

D3DATA D3Data’s NETVM (Network Video Management) security video management software platform, according to the company, is a leading browser-based NVR solution designed to address the demand for enterprise network security platforms. NETVM said it is capable of controlling thousands of individual IP cameras, video servers and DVRs from one centralized user interface.

"Sony’s multi-codec IP cameras are a perfect match for D3Data's NETVM suite of products and our customers have been extremely pleased with them,” said David Boyce, D3Data technology partner. Now, Sony is pioneering the analytics market with on-camera analytics functionality.”

GENETEC Genetec’s Omnicast™ is an enterprise IP video surveillance solution that, according to the company, offers a unified and intelligent management of security video, audio and data across any IP network. Omnicast’s end-to-end IP architecture provides the flexibility, Genetec said, to grow your system one camera at a time, from one to 50,000 cameras, making it the solution of choice for numerous markets including homeland, enterprise, public and VIP security.

"The use of Sony's line of IP cameras with Genetec's Omnicast solution is aligned with our expectation of offering security professionals best-of-breed video security hardware," said Genetec Marketing Director Brett Beranek.

Omnicast will be demonstrated with Sony IPELA cameras at ISC West booth #15073.

JDS JDS’ Softsite32 Enterprise video surveillance management system is, according to the company, capable of streaming thousands of cameras at standard video resolution as well, as high definition and beyond. Now in its ninth generation, JDS said that Enterprise (version 3) is designed to install on low cost PCs and storage devices, leveraging a value advantage over other existing solutions.

"JDS has certified Sony IP cameras since generation one, and Softsite Enterprise products exploit the advanced features of the IPELA camera line including the smooth, precise PTZ that makes the IPELA line a top choice for our customers’ needs,” said Joe Marchese, president of JDS Digital Security Systems. JDS will demo its solutions with Sony cameras at ISC West booth #23049. MILESTONE SYSTEMS XProtect Enterprise is Milestone Systems’ open platform IP video management software designed for, according to the company, flexible operation of an unlimited number of cameras, multiple servers or multiple sites. Delivered with a Remote Client, Smart Client, and optional PDA Client, it also offers API integration with other security systems and devices using the Milestone System SDK.

"Milestone Systems’ XProtect Enterprise supports Sony IPELA network cameras to provide a comprehensive IP video surveillance solution - the perfect choice for larger installations and the sophisticated high-end of the security market," said Henrik Friborg, vice president of Strategic Partner Alliances at Milestone Systems. XProtect Enterprise will be demonstrated with Sony IPELA cameras at ISC West booth # 9049. ONSSI NetDVMS is OnSSI’s flagship multi-site/multi-server IP-surveillance platform capable of supporting, according to the company, an unlimited number of cameras with comprehensive recording/archiving, event management, multi-channel audio and local/remote access capabilities. The NetDVMS suite also includes APIs for integration with Access Control, POS and Video Content Analysis.

“IPELA cameras greatly enhance the functionality and increase the overall value of users’ OnSSI-driven surveillance systems by offering great versatility and many advanced features, including multiple compression formats, adaptive network capabilities, and most noteworthy, new video analysis features,” said Mulli Diamant, OnSSI’s vice president of sales. The NetDVMS platform will be on display at ISC West booth #35008.


Salient System’s CompleteView™ video management system is designed for integration in, according to the company, top-tier business and server-class computers. It is an enterprise-class, standards-based system that is scalable, Salient said, to meet a broad range of applications from four camera standalone sites to corporate entities with thousands of video sources spread over hundreds of locations.

“Sony cameras have always been the industry standard, which has created high expectations for innovation, performance and value for our customers,” said Brian Hicks, product manager for Salient Systems. “This next generation of IP cameras marks the arrival of analytic capabilities that open up exciting possibilities for new applications.”