A Convergence in Security Consulting

We've beat the drum for quite some time about how IT security and physical security will need to converge at the enterprise level as businesses look for ROI and because of changing technologies used in physical security.

At least two consulting firms are taking this to heart. Information Security Consultants (infosecurityconsult.com), an IT consulting firm out of Stuart, Fla., and The Bordes Group (bordesgroup.com), a physical security consulting firm in Orlando, are joining hands in a partnership designed to bring a comprehensive service list to their clients.

The announcement was made on Tuesday by Thomas Ianuzzi, president of Information Security Consultants, and Roy Bordes, CEO of The Bordes Group. According to Ianuzzi and Bordes, both consulting firms will now have the option of offering the other firms consulting services.

Ianuzzi summed up the reasoning behind the partnership quite simply.

“The convergence of the physical and information security worlds has created an opportunity for those companies which are able to bridge the gap between these two disciplines," said Ianuzzi.

Indeed, it may be the sign of many more consulting partnerships to come, as IT and physical security firms team up, or as each type of firm hires expertise from the "other" industry.