AngelTrax Security Unveils New Cat5 Wiring Solutions

Newton, AL - September 13, 2006 - IVS, Inc., the manufacturer of AngelTrax Security is excited to unveil its new AT4508 and AT4516 CAT5 wiring solutions for closed circuit TV video surveillance. The AT4508 and the AT4516 eliminates bulky wires to cameras, an external power supply, and the rat’s nest of wires that is typically created at the terminal point. The panel provides connectivity for video, audio, power and data via CAT5 cable. On the outside of the panel, the wiring solution provides a connection for BNC connectors.

The AT4508 is a wiring solution with eight camera connections and the AT4516 is a wiring solution for 16 camera connections. Now with the AngelTrax AT4508 and AT4516, the messy wires can be eliminated and everthing can be consolidated, organized, and discretely hidden.

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