Honeywell to Showcase Digital Video Integration at ASIS

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Sept. 19, 2006 – Honeywell today announced it will demonstrate an integration between its Vindicator Intrusion Detection System and its Enterprise Network Video Recorder (NVR) at the upcoming ASIS International exposition in San Diego. The new integration extends the capabilities of both systems, helping customers monitor their facilities and assets more efficiently.

“Customers can now use their central command centers to monitor more assets with fewer resources,” said David Ngau, Honeywell’s Enterprise marketing manager. “This type of integration allows customers to expand their security capabilities, and it provides real return on investment.”

Many Honeywell customers have legacy installed closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems with the need for digital storage and retrieval. The Enterprise NVR along with the MaxPro real-time video switch creates a world-class video solution capable of storing, displaying, controlling and accessing video from thousands of cameras from a single keyboard controller.

“With such a large amount of installed CCTV cameras in the field and the need for a scalable, high-speed digital video solution that has a user-friendly operator interface, this integration brings the best from two Honeywell Security applications together into one world-class solution,” said John Waldron, Honeywell Vindicator marketing manager. “We continue to focus our engineering efforts on meeting the requirements of our customers’ most demanding applications by building on an increasing amount of Honeywell security technology. This allows them to derive more value from their partnership with one supplier – Honeywell.”

The Vindicator Intrusion Detection System provides an ultra-secure environment for security-system information on a customer’s existing facility network. It can transmit and receive encrypted security data over any media: wire, RF, modem, fiber, etc. to the Vindicator Command and Control center operator environment. The associated field network can be easily expanded or changed to accommodate changing customer environments. Honeywell Vindicator customers include government and military facilities, industrial facilities, utilities, correctional institutes and other high-end commercial end-users.

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