Sanyo Showcases Case Information Media Management System

Las Vegas, NV (March 28, 2007) – Sanyo showcased their new Case Information Media Management (CIMM) at ISC West; an interview recording solution for law enforcement that helps organize every piece of evidence relating to an individual case. Sanyo’s CIMM offers all the tools, functionality and ease of use to provide law enforcement personnel with the ability to obtain and store meticulous documentation of all elements of their investigations with the highest levels of convenience, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

"The CIMM case documentation solution was engineered with ease of use in mind, so law enforcement officials could concentrate on what they do best and not be distracted by technology issues,“ said Frank Abram, Vice President and General Manager, Security Products Division, Sanyo Fisher Company. “No special training is necessary and the PC doesn't even have to be on to begin recording. Recording interviews requires no more than the touch of a single button."

CIMM case files are built by the user and can include any recorded interviews associated with the case, plus relevant documents, images, audio files or video clips. The system is also easily searchable for archived files, which can be added to the case file. In addition, CIMM enables WAV files to be created from any previously recorded DSS audio or MP2 video file, and then sent via email for transcription, eliminating the need to record or send cassettes. Finally, any part of a case can be exported easily to virtually any consumer DVD player, helping to provide clear and irrefutable evidence.

CIMM software provides easy access to all licensed and registered DVRs on a network. Multiple CIMM workstations can be used to record, play and search for footage from any networked Sanyo DSR-M810 DVR. Using Sanyo's Pan-Focus camera in a networked system, users can also view live interview video from any PC connected to the Internet.

Sanyo has established a website dedicated exclusively to CIMM, located at Detailed information as well as a downloadable video demo of the product will be located here, in addition to an interactive video that lets viewers walk through an application of CIMM.