Sanyo To Introduce Hybrid DVR At ISC West

Las Vegas, NV (March 28, 2007) – Adding to a line of DVRs that is already one of the most comprehensive available, Sanyo is introducing a new hybrid DVR this year at ISCW. The new DSR-HB8000 16-Channel MPEG4 DVR offers both analog and IP functionality to integrate with stand-alone and networked systems.

"Many users with legacy analog systems would like to expand or update their systems while introducing networked functionality," said Frank Abram, Vice President and General Manager, Security Products Division, Sanyo Fisher Company. "By offering concurrent connection and control of both IP and analog cameras, the DSR-HB8000 DVR offers the perfect solution."

Up to four Sanyo Pan-Focus IP or System PTZ IP cameras can be connected to the DSR-HB8000 with analog cameras for a total of up to 16 surveillance cameras in all. Simultaneous recording and playback up to 480 IPS provides real-time documentation. With full control of PTZ and zoom cameras, the DSR-HB8000 employs MPEG-4+ image compression format for fast, high-quality data transmission and special fast-forward and reverse playback over a network. The conventional MPEG-4 format can also be selected to meet a broad range of needs, including long-term image recording, high-quality audio playback and secure transmission of control signals.

Four to sixteen channels can be displayed simultaneously or a full screen image can be viewed with full motion video playback. Practical search functions include time/date, text search, single channel and more. Up to four recording modes can be selected for automatic programmable recording, with programmable recording settings for each individual connected camera including quality, frame rate and encode mode.

Using the Monitor Plus function, up to 80 cameras from other networked DVRs can be accessed, controlled, and viewed from a single DVR monitor. Data backup is easy and secure, with a total storage capacity of up to 3.75TB with 750GB hard disk drives.

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