2008 PSA-TEC attendees take advantage of training programs

Attendees reaped the benefits from the most comprehensive training program in the industry during the 2008 PSA-TEC held May 5-9 in St. Charles, IL. PSA offered training tracks for owners and senior managers, sales and project managers, purchasing agents, and technicians with over 400 course hours during the weeklong conference. Business expert Bob Prosen was back by popular demand to discuss Operational Excellence, one of the five attributes of highly profitable companies.

"I spoke with four of my staff members who have recently attended other industry shows and I realized that I gained more value from PSA-TEC," says John Goodwyne, president of Low Voltage Contractors. "I have already announced to my company that PSA-TEC is our show of choice for next year."

"We are very pleased with the turnout for our annual conference," says Bill Bozeman, president and CEO of PSA. "We saw an increase in the number of member companies sending employees to PSA-TEC and we had the most vendor participation ever. This is a good sign for our event and our industry; it shows the educational and networking opportunities offered at our annual conference are invaluable to our membership and vendor partners."

The 2008 PSA-TEC also brought members face-to-face with vendors during a variety of evening networking events including the opening mixer, Vendor Appreciation Awards Banquet, Thursday evening hospitality event, and the Jam Session showcasing the musical talents of PSA-TEC participants.

"As far as leads and contacts go, we were every bit as busy at the PSA one-day show as we were on our best day at the industry’s largest show," says Dan Rothrock of Zenitel / Stenofon. "The extra benefit here is that the PSA group is about long-term relationships and growing our business together. At other industry shows, we have people who use us once to take care of a project and then we never see them again."

The 2008 PSA-TEC marks the fourth year the conference has been open to all security industry professionals. “Each year we see an increase in the number of outside security professionals who are not members of PSA taking advantage of the training and networking opportunities PSA-TEC offers,” says Bozeman. “There has been a perception that our conference is for PSA members only but this is not the case. All security professionals can, and do, gain tremendous benefits through the education tracks and networking events we have put together.”

Details for the 2009 PSA-TEC are being finalized now. Please visit www.psasecurity.com to view the wrap up of the 2008 PSA-TEC.