Panasonic Showcases Enhanced Video Solutions at ASIS 2007

Las Vegas, NV (September 24, 2007) - Panasonic Security Systems, a leader in professional video surveillance and security systems for 50 years, is displaying its comprehensive systems solution capabilities designed for analog, networked and hybrid applications here at ASIS 2007. The systems solutions are built around Panasonic's industry-leading line of high-performance cameras and PTZ dome systems featuring Super Dynamic III (SDIII) imaging technology, advanced matrix switching and software-driven systems, video servers and unique digital and network recording devices. These products are designed to work together in any combination and configuration with optimum performance, functionality and efficiency.

"Panasonic has pioneered leading image capture technologies for our systems products for 50 years," said Frank DeFina, President, Panasonic System Solutions Company (PSSA). "Networked systems clearly represent the next breakthrough in systems technology, but we also recognize that there are many applications and system requirements that only professional analog video components currently deliver, employing Panasonic's core analog technology expertise. Instead of drawing lines between analog and networked systems solutions, Panasonic simultaneously develops IP, digital and analog products so they work as a cohesive system solution that delivers the greatest performance and functionality with low cost of ownership for a variety of applications."

Panasonic's i-Pro Series of intelligent and professional network products are designed to make networked systems perform better with advanced technologies that deliver unsurpassed imaging, control and recording capabilities. New additions to the i-Pro Series on display at ASIS 2007 include:

- The i-Pro WV-NS954 SDIII Network PTZ for indoor applications
- The i-Pro WV-NW964 SDIII Weatherproof Outdoor Network PTZ
- The i-Pro WV-NS202A SDIII Compact Color Network PTZ
- The i-Pro WV-NW484S SDIII Vandal-Proof Network Dome Camera
- The i-Pro WJ-NT314 Video Server with advanced on-board video analytics
- The i-Pro WV-ASM100 Network Management Software Solution
- The i-Pro WV-ASM10 Multi-Screen Software Decoder to simultaneously view up to 16 cameras on a single display or multiple displays

Adding to the industry's most comprehensive line of analog video solutions, Panasonic introduces:

- The PFW900 GUI Controller Software that further enhances the versatility of the Matrix System 650 by allowing system operators to simultaneously view real-time video and site map displays on dedicated displays
- The WJ-RT416V Digital Video Recorder with a built-in DVD burner to easily archive and transfer recorded data.