Bosch Expands VIDOS Video Surveillance Suite

Fairport, New York -- Bosch Security Systems, a full-line manufacturer of high-quality security systems and components, is adding the VIDOS Pro Software Suite to its VIDOS Video Management System for IP-based CCTV surveillance installations. The modular suite of software is powerful, flexible and scalable, tailoring VIDOS to a greater variety of applications and facilities. With the Pro Software Suite, VIDOS enables a smooth migration from analog and hybrid systems to digital IP-based CCTV systems. Multiple authorization levels and privilege allocations permit the creation of sophisticated hack-proof systems that control an entire network of cameras, monitors and recorders from a central or remote location.

The VIDOS Video Management System, with extensive management and control capabilities for medium to large CCTV systems, is the central control for multiple high-quality video, audio and alarm streams along with camera motion/viewing/recording/playback control and relay activation. Its ability to integrate seamlessly with analog equipment and a diverse array of traditional hardware is enhanced with the addition of the Pro Software Suite, which includes an automation interface. This allows VIDOS to be controlled from an external computer, as in a fire control center or as part of a building integration system, such as Bosch's proprietary Building Integration System (BIS).

As a facility's requirements for interconnected security resources increase, VIDOS with the Pro Software Suite enables smooth transition and streamlined system expansion with its flexible, scalable client-server IP-technology base. With easy integration into LAN and ISDN infrastructures, the VIDOS Video Management System with the Pro Software Suite brings exceptional power and control capabilities to evolving CCTV surveillance systems.

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