ADT's Sensormatic Ultra--Exit offers the most advanced retail theft protection


ADT today launches the latest electronic article surveillance (EAS) anti-theft system - the Sensormatic Ultra--Exit - which has been designed exclusively for the European retail market. This new detection system offers British retailers a solution to combat increasingly advanced shoplifting tactics, access extensive operational information and preserve store aesthetics.

The Ultra--Exit system uses ADT's Ultra--Max acousto-magnetic (AM) technology, which offers the highest levels of detection on the market. Key benefits of the system are:

Superior detection: The system offers the best levels yet for Ultra--Max exit detection. It is also compatible with AM hard tags and labels and can dramatically reduce false alarm levels Breakthrough performance: Leading-edge digital signal processing ensures excellent performance under the most hostile electronic noise conditions - a typical feature of the retail environment Flexibility: The Ultra--Exit pedestal is offered in a range of styles and designs to match the aesthetic requirements of different retailers. The range of the system can also be adjusted to enable maximum floor space to be used for merchandising Business intelligence: Using SmartEAS software, the system can provide management information and reports on people and alarm counting to Operations and Loss Prevention departments Greater coverage: Up to eight metres coverage from one controller, with two metres coverage between pedestals

The total cost of shrinkage amongst the European retail supply chain has been estimated to be more than *20 billion annually*. Effective deployment of sophisticated anti-theft technology, such as the Ultra--Exit, can help retailers in all sectors tackle this problem and grow their margins.

"In the highly competitive retail sector, first impressions really count," explains John Smith, Vice President of Retail Sales for ADT Europe, Middle East and Africa."That's why store entrances are carefully designed to provide an open, welcoming introduction to the shopping experience. Ultra--Exit has been developed to integrate into this, while at the same time providing a high performance, technological solution to the ongoing shrinkage battle that retailers face.

"We wanted to create a solution that meets retailers' changing needs. To achieve this we worked with retailers across the globe to determine what they really wanted and used their feedback on aesthetics, material construction, performance, features and system coverage to develop the optimum system. The result is a choice of designs and performance characteristics that ensure all retailers, from the high-end boutique through to the busy DIY superstore, can protect their goods and their margins."

The Ultra--Exit range is already beginning to be used across Europe and systems have recently been installed in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and the UK by leading retail names such as Mango, Galeries Lafayette and Billa.