AFI's Scout NEMS Detects Impending System Component Failures

Las Vegas, NV (September 24, 2007) - American Fibertek, Inc. (AFI) is displaying its innovative Scout Network Environmental Monitoring System (NEMS) - a component of the V'nes networking solution - here at ASIS 2007. Scout remotely monitors user-defined environmental conditions including temperature, airflow and humidity levels plus fan failures and power line changes, and provides notification of impending failures to system administrators so they can take appropriate action and preserve the integrity and continued operation of critical systems. In addition, the environmentally hardened system even monitors itself.

Scout can operate stand-alone in virtually any system configuration or fully integrated into AFI's V'nes (Video Network Enterprise Solution) in conjunction with Commander Series Switchers and Pilot CS Management Software.

"Scout provides IT and security professionals with an unsurpassed means of monitoring environmental and power condition status along with notification features that allow them to take corrective action prior to system failures," said Jack Fernandes, President and CEO of AFI. "This innovative monitoring solution solves the problems specifically associated with excessive heat generated by continuously running DVRs and NVRs, and the resulting loss of valuable recorded data and the product life expectancy these conditions cause."

Scout Series Environmental Monitoring System incorporates a built-in server with no requirement for any client software or Active X component and is compatible with most web browsers and operating systems including Linux and Apple. Scout remotely monitors temperature, airflow and humidity levels, as well as fan failures and power line changes and notifies users of impending failures. In addition, the environmentally hardened system even monitors itself. Additional features include bi-directional RS232/485 communications, pop-up alerts, alarm notifications, logging, polling, and network management with interactive searches. No custom software or interfaces are required for implementation.

Scout environmental probes maintain and reload programming automatically in the event of power or communication loss. Their small size allows them to be easily positioned for monitoring individual devices within a rack, as well as overall rack conditions. Probe connections use standard USB cabling and can extend to almost 200 feet using standard cables available from several manufacturers. Scout power probes provide the ability to read voltage, frequency and power, with warning and alarm settings.

Scout can also be used standalone or with V'nes Commander Series Switchers and Pilot CS Management Software.

"Hard drive failures are the most common problems for today's DVR and NVR systems resulting in irreplaceable data loss and system down time. Scout is designed to specifically alleviate failures due to unfavorable environmental conditions or power interruptions," said Neil Heller, Director of New Business Development at AFI.