BioAxxis lock rated best by Good Housekeeping

The Good Housekeeping Research Institute has tested and evaluated the BioAxxis BD1, biometric deadbolt and the Institute has rated it the best compared to the others on the market. A revolutionary new lock from BioAxxis Development Corporation uses your fingerprint instead of a key, forever eliminating the need to fumble in pockets or purses and improving home security and safety. The lock, called the BD1 for Biometric Deadbolt, has been featured on CNBC and received the top honor for design and engineering at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2007. The Good Housekeeping Research Institute just tested a few of these new locks to see if they're worth the money.

"Fingerprint-scanning technology is showing up in a lot of consumer products nowadays. You see it on laptops and printers, and more recently on front door openers and garage door openers," said Stacy Genovese, the Good Housekeeping Research Institute's engineering director.

After careful testing the Good Housekeeping Research Institute concluded the BioAxxis BD1 the most reliable biometric lock. Genovese states, “The BioAxxis lock held up to all our testing and proved to be best door lock we tested.” The institute tested the lock in a variety of ways.

"We had many people register as users so they could open the doors, and then tested it on lots of other people that weren't registered to make sure it wouldn't let them in. We also tested it in a rain tester and in a humidity chamber set at 30 degrees so you could get in (during) the winter," Genovese said.