Milestone Integration Platform Symposium Gathers IP Video Leaders

Integrators and product partners meet in Denmark to collaborate on open platform IP video systems

• Roger Meier, Product Manager for Security & Business Systems at John Lay Electronics, the Panasonic distributor for Switzerland, Austria and Germany, accepted the ‘Milestone Solution Partner of the Year’ award, for integrations with the XProtect Smart Client interface.

• Bart Sebregts, Manager of Secured by Web systems integrators in the Netherlands, accepted the ‘Milestone Innovative Partner of the Year’ award, for integrations with XProtect for Alarm Centers.

• Jon AndrĂ©, COO at the JAG Defence Group, accepted the Milestone ‘Most Spectacular Installation of the Year’ award for their remote military wireless solutions with XProtect.

For several days both before and after the conference, many of the partners also took the tough certification training course in the newest software offering, XProtect Corporate. These courses were given at the Milestone headquarters just west of Copenhagen, providing the opportunity for attendees to visit the offices where the world’s number one open platform IP video management software is developed.

The next Milestone Integration Platform Symposium is planned for February 2008 in Puerto Rico.