Napco Introduces Freedom 64 Coded and Freedom 64 Code-Free

Amityville, NY - NAPCO Security Systems, Inc., is proud to introduce a second technologically advanced FreedomT touchpad to choose from. Napco is introducing new Freedom-Coded for conventional installs, a user-friendly unit that cuts false alarms.

Now with Freedom, you have a choice of two talking touchpads with one 64-zone panel to standardize on. Choose Freedom Coded for a traditional burglar alarm unit which installs with up to 64, 3 to 6 digit user codes, or Code-Free Freedom hybrid for a high technology security system that eliminates false alarms and maximizes account retention.

Both multifunction touchpads feature a built in smart burg/fire siren. This powerful UL dual tone siren saves on labor, time and equipment costs. Each unit has a built in adaptive occupancy Pet PIR with 25' wide-angle coverage, an adjustable volume voice prompt assist speaker and a 4 zone EZM expander.

Freedom 64 Code-free and Freedom 64 Coded Security Systems work with the F-64 Panel, which features 8-64 partitionable zones and reliable Gemini Wireless support.