eLAN Fire Alarm Panels Listed with UL 864, 9th Edition

Viking Electronic Services' series of eLAN analog addressable fire alarm control panels are listed with UL 864, 9th Edition. Viking Electronic Services' eLAN fire alarm system has been engineered to provide maximum flexibility with its Ethernet-based networking capability and its networked releasing functionality.

The eLAN series includes the eLAN 2-Loop and 2-Loop Lite panels, capable of providing up to 254 points of protection for small applications like restaurants, strip malls, and stand-alone applications. The eLAN 4-Loop is capable of over 508 points of protection for larger applications such as hotels, schools, apartment buildings and business campuses. The major benefit that eLAN offers is a plug and play, IP-based network that allows up to 127 panels on a network and over 100,000 points of protection.

The eLAN Fire Alarm System, with voice evacuation and networked releasing, offers significant advances in detailed system reporting, coverage, configuration and control. The analog-addressable system can be installed with common CAT5 wiring between panels; it can also use existing wiring on the loops, making the system perfect for retrofit situations. The first fire alarm system based on proven Internet technologies, the eLAN Fire Alarm System allows for remote configuration, service scheduling, testing and inspections. The IP-based network also allows for point-specific testing, so that system-wide coverage is not compromised simply to test one or several specific points.

The 9th edition of UL 864, the basic requirements to meet or exceed for approval from Underwriters Laboratories, includes more than 180 changes to control units and accessories for fire alarm systems. Among the significant changes are improved response time to devices, enhanced synchronization and improved programming requirements.

"Meeting the stringent requirements for listing under UL 864, 9th edition is essential to us, because it signifies our comittment to compliance with current and future standards," said William Larrabee, president of Viking Electronic Services. "It means that our products are backed by an objective, standards-based organization that promotes quality assurance to the consumer, and that we have a product line that will be stable for years to come."

Based in King of Prussia, PA, Viking Electronic Services has developed one of the most technologically advanced analog-addressable fire alarm systems on the market today. The eLAN Fire Alarm System, and its remote access software component, eSP Business Suite, offer comprehensive life and property coverage with easy-to-use remote programming and reporting access. Viking Electronic Services' systems are available through factory trained and authorized dealers.

For more information about Viking Electronic Services, visit the company's website at www.vikingservnet.com.