Bioscrypt Launches PIV-Station Biometric Reader

Reader station designed to serve PIV requirements for HSPD-12

In order to enable organizations dealing with legacy infrastructure to maximize their investments, the PIV-Station is capable of supporting card-read protocols, such as DESFire and Mifare.

"With the launch of the PIV-Station we are further demonstrating our commitment to providing support to the U.S. Government in its endeavors to strengthen security within the country," said Bioscrypt's President and CEO, Robert M. Douglas. "Bioscrypt has developed solutions that allow organizations to unify identities across physical and logical systems. This is precisely the end goal of FIPS 201, providing further evidence that our vision is taking hold."

Bioscrypt is the world and Americas leader in the biometric physical access control readers market and has 22 percent share of the Americas market, according to IMS Research.