ADT Launches New Visual Security Source Tagging System

Madrid, 20 February 2007 - ADT, Europe's leading provider of electronic fire and security solutions, has successfully introduced a pioneering source tagging system based on the Visual Source Tag (VST) concept. This combines the benefits of hard tags for textiles with in-factory fitting. The Inditex Group, a client of ADT, was the first retailer to implement this system worldwide, through its chain of ZARA stores. The system ensures that items are protected by the SuperTag VST hard tag, from the point of production through to the point of sale.

SuperTag VST is the latest security tag innovation for the textile sector from ADT. It is a hard, visible tag which is very small and lightweight. The main advantage of the tag is that it can be applied at the point of manufacture. This new system couples enhanced security with an improved, simplified process.

SuperTag VST provides dual protection. Firstly, the tags deter possible shoplifters, as they are visible to the public and incorporate acousto-magnetic detection technology, which offers the highest levels of detection on the market. Secondly, the VST system offers the benefit of source tagging. Articles are delivered correctly tagged, thus removing the need for the in-store tagging phase and avoiding possible damage to merchandise, leaving retailers free to devote their time and energy to serving customers.

ADT, part of Tyco Fire & Security, designs, installs and services electronic security systems for retail, business and government, and home intruder protection and detection systems. SensormaticR is a leading brand of ADT. In Europe, ADT's products include alarm systems and integrated security applications linked to access control, CCTV, electronic article surveillance and source tagging systems. They are used to deter thieves and protect people, goods and property.