Brijot Launches Second Generation Millimeter Wave Object Detection Technology

ORLANDO, Fla.--Brijot Imaging Systems, introduces the BIS-WDS GEN 2 - the next generation object detection and people screening technology designed at detecting concealed threats sooner, minimize loss prevention and virtually pat down and screen individuals in real-time. The system showcases at the ISC West tradeshow venue in Las Vegas, on March 28, 2007 – booth 19063.

"Global security threats have led individuals, businesses and government to consider implementation of additional security measures aimed at safeguarding lives and property," said Mitchel J. Laskey, president and chief executive officer at Brijot. "As a market leading company we have to simply recognize that terrorism, vandalism, theft, and violent crimes require technological advancements to mitigate these threats effectively while enhancing overall security – hence the development of the Brijot - BIS-WDS GEN 2 system."

The new generation BIS-WDS GEN 2 has been designed to keep pace with real world security challenges. The system has substantially improved its capacity to address the security needs in various high threat security environments - as technical improvements are notable in areas of design, functionality, performance and reliability.

As the first surveillance system to feature full-motion, real-time millimeter wave imaging capabilities, this passive standoff system offers a quick and discrete method for detecting concealed threats - whether they're explosives, weapons, contraband, stolen electronics, or other items. The BIS-WDS GEN 2 is the only people screening system to effectively detect hidden liquids and gels. And Brijot's millimeter wave imaging solution is the most effective high-throughput people screening system available today to effectively detect these potential threats.

The system uses a sophisticated detection engine — available with no other product on the market today — to alert operators to the location of hidden items, indicating who to question and where to look for a conceal object. A built-in integration and automated alarm capabilities enable effective local or remote operation while minimizing personnel requirements. The images stored are millimeter wave images with no anatomical detail, ensuring personnel privacy is maintained.

Used alone or as part of a comprehensive, multi-layered security solution, Brijot's proven reliability can be incorporated to achieve challenging security goals. Deploy the system as part of a high-security entrance portal, integrate it with existing devices such as X-Ray or metal detectors and find the items they are missing. The BIS-WDS GEN 2 System is available globally through Brijot Imaging Systems, Inc. and established Channel Partners.

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