Dallmeier equips Vee Quiva with CCTV system

German company chosen to upgrade Arizona casino with latest surveillance solutions

"Naturally, our surveillance personnel initially had some doubts as to whether the operation of a new system would remain as easy as with the previous installation," Carlos states. When the surveillance team at Vee Quiva Casino learned that the Dallmeier solutions employs the most advanced and sophisticated technology but is still operator friendly, it was an easy implementation.

This is possible thanks to the SeMSy (Security Management System) management system which allows for the convenient and effortless control of the entire installation. Control of individual cameras is very easy and clearly structured because the building plans of Vee Quiva Casino were simply integrated into the software interface. Hence the operator can easily and quickly monitor any desired camera. Numerous automatic surveillance mechanisms and alerts notify the user of any defect, for example the failure of a fan in a recorder.

Thanks to the highly flexible structure and open architecture of all Dallmeier components an integration of third-party products is easily and quickly possible. "We already had a few systems in place that we wanted to integrate into the CCTV system, such as our alarm and slot management systems. With the Dallmeier solution that was no problem at all," Pedro said

In November 2007, following extensive and detailed planning and advice, it was finally time for the Vee Quiva Casino surveillance team to come to Regensburg, Germany, to carry out the acceptance test.

Carlos was impressed and remembers: "That was really extraordinary. Not only were we able to accept individual devices but actually got to see our complete system." To that end, Dallmeier had installed Vee Quiva Casinos complete system true to the original at its FAT Center. This allowed the surveillance team to test all the components, including the associated network environment, under real conditions.

The Dallmeier Casino Project Team is at the customers' disposal during and beyond the commissioning. A branch office and numerous system integrators located across the United States ensure that Vee Quiva Casino always has a contact person available on location.

"Investment protection was another key factor for us. It was very important for us to not just have an innovative system now but to be flexible to adjust or expand the system in the future," Carlos said.

That is why all Dallmeier systems are modular in design. Owing to the high flexibility of this concept expansions are easily possible, no matter if it refers to hard- or software components. The modular structure keeps the system open to new technologies and possibilities at any time.