USA Security Unveils H.264 DVR Technology

Aurora, CO (March 7, 2007) – The security industry's innovator and leading manufacturer of "next generation" DVR technology; USA Security, will be displaying the Maxum Series H.264 hardware compression at the ISC-West trade exposition at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV beginning Wednesday March 28th; and running through the end of the show on Friday; March 30th.

For the first time ever, the Maxum Series 64-channel DVR system (recording at 1,920 frames per second), will be on display at the Company's booth (#4075). The Maxum 64-channel system is the biggest DVR manufactured by USA Security; it is also the largest system of its kind in the industry.

See it live, and in operation, for the first time, only at the show. The Company will be introducing several "show special" promotions designed to build booth traffic and create general industry awareness of the H.264 hardware compression codec. Many high level Security Industry professionals agree, the H.264 codec is destined to be the next "industry standard" for DVR technology. While only a handful of companies are just beginning to introduce their "version 1.0" technology, USA Security has a 2-year "head start" ahead of the rest of the industry. The Company has been delivering H.264 DVR systems since March 1, 2005.

The current "industry standard" for DVR technology, MPEG-4 is a software compression based technology, that is over a decade old, and utilizes the resources of the computer system itself (i.e. CPU, Mother Board and Memory

– "software compressed"), to accomplish the video image compression. The H.264 codec utilizes DSP chip technology (i.e. DSP chip

- "hardware compressed") to produce a more efficient means of video compression, a more compact image file size and a playback quality that is unmatched in the Security Industry. This hardware compression technology; H.264, is poised to become not only the "next generation" of DVR technology; but also the most significant technological advancement to the Security Industry, in over a decade!