VistaScape and Stanley Ink Agreement for Infrastructure Protection

First joint account includes automated wide-area surveillance protection at multiple sites for Fortune 500 company

Stanley Security Solutions, a business division of The Stanley Works, is a provider of access and integrated security solutions for institutional, commercial and industrial businesses and organizations. With a strong emphasis on service, Stanley Security Solutions delivers a comprehensive suite of security products, software and integrated systems directly to end user customers. Stanley Security Solutions is committed to extending its position as a leading comprehensive resource for a broad and extensive array of solutions that span the entire security spectrum.

Based in Atlanta, VistaScape Security Systems develops automated wide-area surveillance solutions to protect commercial sites, transportation facilities, and other at-risk infrastructure. VistaScape SiteIQ combines intelligent video surveillance and multi-sensor analysis through an intuitive software display that shows a real time view of an entire site — all on a single screen. SiteIQ increases situational awareness, reduces false alarms, and helps security personnel respond to potential problems before they happen. VistaScape is online at